Creative Problem Solver

“During the past 40 years I can say in all honesty that I have known very few individuals who match Brad Fay’s ability to evaluate a challenge – and then (quickly) devise an effective and elegant solution. For decades I have said without fear of contradiction that Brad is the most creative problem solver that I know, someone whom I will invariably call on when I am stumped or uncertain about any business or intellectual challenge that I’m facing. And while he is particularly adept at creating innovative solutions for marketing challenges, his creativity is not by any means restricted to any limited business issues, but spans a vast array of disciplines. It has been my great fortune to have been able to avail myself of the exceptional talents of Brad Fay.”

Philip W. SawyerPresident, PW Sawyer Consulting & Former SVP Starch Communications
Business Leader

“Brad Fay is a luminary in strategic and digital communications and an exceptional business leader who combines boundless creativity, sharp intellect, and positive energy to all his endeavors. I have known Brad for over two decades in several capacities. As a consultant, he is a crisp communicator and strategist, able to paint an inspiring vision and pair it with a rational roadmap that gets results. As a peer and confidante, Brad is generous with his time, thinking, and wise counsel. And as a manager, Brad always challenges and inspires his teams to deliver their personal best through teaching and strong mentoring. On a personal note, Brad has consistently challenged me to think bigger, better and more courageously and in doing so has had an indelible impact on my career. He’s an exceptional talent and partner.”

Holly Jarrellformer Head of Product Groups, GFK North America
Keen Intelligence

“Bradford Fay, in his years of service as a Township Committeeman and Deputy Mayor, has demonstrated his keen intelligence, level-headedness, insights, and steadfast integrity that have earned him the respect and affection of his fellow residents, elected officials, and staff.”

Resolution of Montgomery Township Committee12/16/10
Strategic Thinker

“Brad Fay is one of the smartest researchers and strategic thinkers I know. He has an uncanny ability to translate data into insights, stories, and action.”

David Rocklandformer Chairman, Ketchum Global Research & Analytics
First Rate Researcher

“I had the pleasure of working with Brad on “Political Influentials Online in the 2004 Presidential Election,” a pathbreaking publication of the Institute of Politics, Democracy & the Internet. He has also appeared as a speaker at our Politics Online Conferences. I can’t say enough good things about Brad — a first rate researcher, a compelling public speaker, and a wonderful person.”

Carol Darrformerly Director of Executive Secretariat, US DOT
Creative and Insightful

“I have known Brad for twenty-five years, and he is one of the best research practitioners I have encountered. He is smart, creative and insightful in developing research and applying it to business strategies.”

Sarah Duttonformer Director of Surveys, CBS News
Industry Leader

 “Brad is truly an industry leader. His analytical skills are unsurpassed, and the ground-breaking research he has conducted and shared throughout his career has literally changed the way some of the world’s biggest brands approach their key marketing initiatives. I’m in awe of the way his mind works, and his multiple achievements, but mostly, I am grateful for his numerous contributions to the industry. He has helped shape and define what “great marketing” is.”

Suzanne FanningSVP & CMO, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

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